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My grandparents were dead; my dad drove long haul trucks all over Europe.

One day, when I was 19, he took a truck and the next-door neighbour; we never saw or heard of them again except to learn that the truck, which had been loaded with scotch destined for Russia, was found in a German forest minus its’ load.

By the time she’d finished hitching around ‘getting comfortable’; my cock was stiffer than a broomstick.

I would never get rich but I wouldn’t starve and I did the house and gardens maintenance, which kept me occupied, and it pleased Granny that I took an interest.

” “Very much so, I enjoy the peace and quiet and I’m not tempted to spend what little money I have.” “Don’t you have any friends you wish to see?

” From the way she said ‘friends’ I knew she meant girls.

All of this provided by a woman I have always thought of as ‘Granny’. I am lucky to have an almost photographic memory, if I’ve seen it I can nearly always recall it, no matter how long ago it happened.

Unfortunately, my recall for conversations is no-where near as good so although the events I describe are certainly accurate, I have had to fill in some blanks in my memory of conversations with what I believe is a fair approximation of what was said.

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